Three Main Components of Company Success:

Our Staff: Professionalism of our staff allows us to provide high quality services to our clients and helps us adjust in due course to changes on the market. The company invests money in creating own educational programs and holding forums and seminars. Akk Commercial Department staff participate in technical seminars of largest international manufacturers. Competent managers of ITC-Electronics are able to solve comprehensive supply tasks for any hi-tech production facilities.

Partners: Our Company cooperates with leading international suppliers on development of new markets in Russian and the CIS provides our customers full technical support, the necessary literature and documentation. Engineers of the commercial department have free online access to warehouses in Europe, America and Asia so that they could quickly find all the parts that you may need.

Clients: The Company has achieved steady growth and positions itself confidently on the markets of Russia and the CIS thanks to development and expansion of our clients’ business. We seek to solve all production issues for our customers, which allows our companies to compete successfully and win on the market.

We are confident that in the future the logo of ITC-Electronics will bring good luck to our colleagues, partners and clients.