ITC-Electronics Company keeps growing and developing, and we monitor our clients’ and partners’ satisfaction with our work. Reliability of our electronic and radioelectronic components and automated control systems has been confirmed with certificates, licenses and personal testimonies.

We are hopeful that these documents will help build our clients’ confidence in working with us.

What do these documents tell our clients?

  1. They guarantee reliability of our products

    We work only with reliable manufacturers who produce good quality products. Our State Nuclear Supervision Authority license guarantees delivery of only very reliable electronic and radioelectronic components.

  2. Product Integrity Guarantee

    Auditors have paid special attention to the system of cargo movement, which has been created to minimize the risks of disparity of ordered and received items, defective or missing items or damaged packaging. The microclimate and storage systems in warehouses of all divisions of ITC-Electronics correspond to international requirements for storage of high technology products.

  3. Guarantees of Commercial Department Expediency

    The certificate guarantees that your work with our Commercial Department will be effective and expedient. The quality control system, which follows the international certificate standard allows to determine and eliminate local malfunctions within several hours.

  4. Information Reliability Guarantees

    We are very proud of our own software, which allows us to guarantee reliability, confidentiality and immediacy of all the information we provide.

  5. Our guarantees assure the success of your products

    Our work has been focused on implementing the main principle of ISO 9001 standard - the principle of continuous improvement. Considering that standard requirements change and amend with time, our company keeps regularly updating them in cooperation with external consultants and auditors.